"My cat, Wanda, had urinary issues causing her to urinate outside her litterbox off and on for years.  She had been receiving treatment from a veterinarian for over a year, and after things gradually improved, all of the sudden they were back to where we started.  Knowing I needed to try something else, I reached out to Michelle and she came over for an initial consultation with Wanda.  She made some simple recommendations of changing her food and adding a few supplements, a few of which were things I already had on hand.  After just 6 weeks Wanda's symptoms were very much improved and I am happy not only to no longer have the expensive vet bills, but also to know that Michelle's recommendations have improved Wanda's overall health."     -EM

"My seventeen year old cat, Oliver, and I had gotten into a routine of going to our veterinarian with our health issues and leaving with no clear answers and a lot of prescriptions.  At one point, Oliver was on five different medications and I wasn’t seeing any results. After one appointment with Michelle, Oliver started improving. He is so much more active, playful and comfortable after implementing Michelle’s advice. She is truly knowledgeable about animals and Oliver loves her. It is obvious that she cares for the animals that she sees, and she is an excellent resource when I have questions between visits. I couldn’t be happier with her service." - EH